The Phillip Jondo, DJ Brom and Friday Dunard-helmed SPA Recordings first graced our eardrums with a bumper compilation released early 2019. Boasting a sea of heavyweight contributors, including the likes of Ssaliva, Swan Meat and DJ Plead, SPA001 stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the bodies and minds behind the Cologne label’s next outing, a split release courtesy of luxxuryproblems and Garland, the Lullabies for Insomniacs-affiliated project from Jondo and Glasgow’s Simon Weins.

Jondo’s remix of luxxuryproblems cut ‘Xylit’ is a vividly disorienting trip. It’s difficult to delineate a precise account of the wealth of musical influence contained in this 6-minute journey that seemingly defies a concrete demarcation. Nevertheless, the track nods to the realms of trap, witch house and IDM, fused together with ’90s trance-style synth work that percolates through a dense canopy of heavy-duty broken percussion

SPA003 is out now on SPA – buy it here

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