Delivering the third instalment in Pinkman’s Broken Dreams white label series, Russian producer LVRIN comes through with some genuinely dark and minimal electronics. We’re lucky enough to have an exclusive premiere from this upcoming release, with the A2 cut ‘Org’ embedded just below.

Beginning with some guttural throbs and squelching synths, ‘Org’ gradually fleshes itself out into a perfect headspace for hedonistic imagery and alluring physical movement, albeit a particularly haunting one – the track’s additional warbled noises which cascade over the central mix lend the proceedings a legitimate sense of uncertainty and strangeness. In this sense it harks back to the eerie synthetic sounds of classic Industrial bands from the 80s and beyond, where pain and pleasure truly went hand in hand. Things remain relatively minimal for the most part too, with very subtle fluctuations in sound and rhythm littered throughout its duration before the whole thing dissipates into the ether.

PBD03 is set to be shipped on October 24th – Pre-order the vinyl from Redeye or direct from the label.

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