Having been active for over 15 years, prolific French producer Joan-Mael Péneau serves up a brand new clutch of tracks, a powerful whirlpool of pitted sounds under his Maelstrom alias. Entitled Detection and out now on Russian imprint Private Persons, it proves to be a more rugged, turbulent affair than many of his recent releases.

‘Temporary Document’ is a trundling stomp through the chaos of life, with all its cracks, flaws and twists. Beginning with a childlike voice declaring “sex and death to the age 14,” Maelstrom gives a nod to the title of Spalding Greys’ stark, late ’70s autobiographical monologues, celebrated for finding awkward yet hilarious moments in the mundane. Then come the faceless mechanical rolling churns, propelling you into a sonic abyss with a nihilistic and bitter energy that ravenously explores the murkier corners of electro. A thread of desolation is laced through the track, perhaps an ode to Greys’ expression of wit and worry.

Detection is out now on Private Persons – buy the vinyl here.

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