Tomorrow has been cancelled. It’s a pretty nihilistic sentiment with which to introduce your debut release. Yet Malasod touches upon something that we have probably all asked ourselves recently: what on earth is there to look forward to?

Released on Mirror Zone, the imprint that brought you wibbly-wobbly trance 12″s from DJ Ungel, Taxa and Memphis, this double LP is definitely its most severe release to date. The album is plagued with doomy drones and paranoiac soundscapes that often bookend the tracks, making them distinctly un-DJ friendly – or just plain unfriendly. And with track titles like ‘Men eat men’, ‘Panic room’ and ‘Masochist by nature’, you’d be excused for thinking you’d fallen into a Slayer album. The sleeve cover, too, looks like a forgotten still from Suspiria warped beyond recognition.

Yet there are elements of light that push on the shade. The record regularly breaks out into stomping trance music, elegant half-time grooves and rousing chuggers. Like so much continental industrial music from the past 40 years, the most dread-inducing, world-crushing sounds often herald new horizons. Reinterpreting the title of the album, we can detect an optimistic futurism and rejection of the past in favour of new, strange experiences. As the sleeve notes suggest: “All will be well, it’s meant to feel like slipping.”

Tomorrow has been canceled is out March 16th on Mirror Zone | Pre-order here

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