Following a split release sporting mutant Yoshinori Hayashi experiments that drew from jazz and rave influences respectively, the Tokyo native finds himself back on Gravity Graffiti. In the footsteps of releases from Japanese heavy-hitter Soichi Tereda and Danish Arndale crew Palta & Ti, Gravity Graffiti alumni Lamusa II and label boss Riccardo Schirò announce their new Maledetti project with Ritmi, a typically outlandish EP that sees Hayashi on remix duties.

From the glitching forest-scapes of ‘Sentire’ to the woodblock jams of ‘Essere’ we traverse a wide terrain and Yoshinori’s remix is no exception. Taking a lead from Lamusa II’s “multi-timbral approach,” the track is a smorgasbord of samples that compete for time, space and tone, creating a satisfying tension between all its elements. Plinking xylophone hits and off-kilter drums accompany a woozy bassline, eventually replaced as steady snare and rolling toms glue the opening gambit together. From here a haunting piano line sits atop the mix preceding the incoming shakers. A drunken affair of individual loops that trigger and glissade in and out of time, the ’70s funk guitar wah wahs and heavily processed vocals fade in and out as we build to crescendo.

Ritmi is out November 27th on Gravity Graffiti – pre-order the vinyl here. Yoshinori Hayashi also plays Rough Draft at Cosies, Bristol, on November 24th.

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