Maoupa Mazzocchetti cuts an intriguing figure. The Belgian possesses refined ability to cough up an absurdly rich, vociferous musical output, while each release appears to lean further into his oddball absurdism.

Anything but lacklustre, now is the dawn of a new release from the Brussels-based artist. Breaking on the equally intriguing BFDM label, this multi-instrumentalist follows memorable releases on the likes of Knekelhuis and Editions Gravats up with the tongue-in-cheek coining of a new genre: UXY Dosing©.

Both this ‘new genre’ and the titular album showcase an exercise in maximalism. The aesthetic and title are illicit, but this upended body of music is a mind altering substance in its own right. Nowhere is this more apparent than ‘Rekt II’, which zig-zags between psychotic dread and sacramental regeneration of the soul. Both light and darkness inside, Mazzocchetti’s raw, drone-like soundscapes and Charmaine Lee‘s expressive vocals coalesce into something which proves beguiling and captivating in equal measure.

UXY Dosing© is out now on BFDM | Buy it here

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