The hyena has several connotations. Most cultures have seen them as scavengers and cowards who would rather steal meals from more successful predators. In the Middle East, literature and folklore referred to striped hyenas as symbols of idiocy and treachery. Some West African cultures believe they symbolise immortality.

The list goes on, but Marlene Stark believes they’ve been misrepresented, with Hyäne, the title for her new mini-album, happening to be Swedish for hyena. The significance? It’s a reflection on the symbolism of a creature that exists within a matriarchal society, juxtaposed against the every-day struggles of non-male bodies in an androcentric world such as ours. By doing so, the Sameheads resident hopes to spark dialogue about how we can re-approach established structures, all with the view to dismantling the patriarchy in society and rave culture.

The album itself has materialised as suite of weirdo machine funk, complete with tongue-in-cheek subversion in the form of vocals referencing everything from Brexit to feminism and climate change. Dropping on Lustpoderosa, we have the pleasure of showcasing ‘Was Ist Feucht?’ in all its insistent, oddball glory.

Hyäne is out November 27th on Lustpoderosa | Pre-order here

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