How many producers can say they have nearly a dozen solo releases under their belt by the time they’re 23? Not many, that’s for sure. If they can, chances are most will be pretty forgettable, or, in extreme cases, even plain awful. Well, Marlon Hoffstadt clearly never got the memo. A melange of acid, trance and Chicago-esque house, Themes From My Future Self was Hoffstadt’s eleventh record to date, released on his own Midnight Themes imprint and now sitting flush in the German’s back catalogue alongside efforts on labels like Hot Haus Recs, Axe On Wax and Ransom Note Records.

Following an initial clutch of remixes which included Bawrut and Gramrcy, the release of a second serving is imminent. Like the original tracks, these remix EPs are diverse in terms of style, but Infinite Drift co-founder Mathis Ruffing probably throws up the biggest curveball of all. Ruffing’s ‘Sunrise Dub Re-Scale’ of ‘Second Track’ plays like the bastard child of Peshay and Calibre at their deepest. A beatific drum & bass roller, razor-sharp drum arrangements keep you on your toes amidst massaging bass tones and curtains of water vapour emanating from the gated pads.

Human Interpretations Part Two is out July 30th on Midnight Themes – pre-order direct from the label.

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