The big bang was not a flash of light but an explosion of vibration, the originary sound event that has rippled and responded through space-time forever. Mars89 and the Bokeh Versions crew understand this. New Dawn, their new project under the freshly minted banner, takes an anti-anthropcentric look at life and matter in a chilling VR experience crafted alongside Spain’s ZeYX Lab studio.

Following on from Mars89’s End Of The Death EP, which also had a VR element, this browser experience plays like a indie horror game. It takes the user, bodiless and without real will, through the ocean’s depths, outer space (inserting itself neatly into the Drexciyan mythology) and ultimately into a synthesised primordial soup. There is no place for humanity as we know it in this universe. This is a state pre- and post-humanism in which isness cannot be precluded by blinkering rationality and corporeal flesh. As Horacio Warpola’s stunning poetic sleeve notes say, “martian microorganisms”, “extraterrestrial parasites” and “chaotic particles” of dust rule the hypercosmos.

And what is sound but particles induced into chaos? Mars89’s soundtrack is like grime transmitted by an alien life form or dubstep bubbling up from the lost producers of Atlantis. It is a dread-laden reverie of bass, fractured beats, siren voices and Vangelis-style sweeps, but it contains none of the Blade Runner promise of off-world colonies. The ‘New Dawn’ of its title sees the anthropocene relinquish its grip on matter, giving itself over to forces beyond our earthly station. The Japanese producer’s dark soundscape becomes a deconstructed-dub death march, mourning (or celebrating?) humanity’s destiny as mere space dust among the stars.

New Dawn is out March 11th on Bokeh Versions | Pre-order here

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