Like a lot of textured electronic music emanating from Melbourne and its suburbs, the debut LP from Matthew Hayes takes influence from his immediate surroundings. Drawing on “themes and memories from around Victoria,” the jazz musician’s Analogue Attic debut draws comparisons with a Sleep D release that arrived on the label last year. Lacing ambient compositions with field recordings, live percussion and velvety bass guitar, Indigo is like a sun-bleached polaroid, immortalising fading memories of day trips to the beach in sound.

Where some people participate in a gong bath for therapeutic reasons, ‘Express Point’, and much of the album, would serve as a fitting replacement. Wind chimes and recordings of running water having a calming influence, and at 8 minutes, there’s plenty of time for the dense soundscape to evolve: glistening melodies are introduced throughout but it’s only when the lead synth enters around the 5 minute mark that the track’s realises its full, soul-stirring potential.

Indigo is out April 29th on Analogue Attic Recordings – pre-order the vinyl and digital here.

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