The last few years have seemed to bring a proliferation in new sounds coming out of Poland. Yet, this acceleration owes less to serendipity than it does to the blood, sweat, and techno of labels like Brutaż, whose sonic diversity and receptivity has carved a niche juicy enough to give the ever faithful eye of Berlin cause to wander.

Mazewski‘s Untitled is no exception and our premiere embodies all the elements of an ambitious EP. Hollowed-out snares and rattling hats herald the arrival of ‘Bohemian Groove’. Here, expansive synths reveal a twist of aesthetic ingenuity, building a lingering sense of entanglement whose kinks are ironed out only on the cusp of claustrophobia. The track lures us along on a mesmeric groove that gives a fleeting glimpse of the twilight-hour club scene that fostered Mazewski’s sound, adding an element of heady urgency to an eerie journey through a gnarled, amorphic geography.

Elsewhere, the B-side is testament to an identity delicately weaved through both the record and the label. ‘Goblin Disco’ is a treat, a deep and skulking pay-out for the A-side’s trip, while ‘Shallow Orkiestra’ is a bubbling low tempo tractor beam. Untitled is a true Brutaż release. It tests our limitations, and with nymphic playfulness, disguises a political tendency. Whether designed to wrest us from an uncomfortable sleep, or to lull us unwittingly back into those murky depths is for you to decide.

Untitled is out March 29th on Brutaz – pre-order the vinyl here.

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