Returning with another scintillescent roller, Animals On Psychedelics’ forthcoming Mazatec EP gets its name from the indigenous people of the Oaxaca mountains in Mexico. Renowned for their family-oriented mushroom ceremonies, it’s a fitting title as friends of the label BPMF, Invisible Menders, Memphis and Miro SundayMusiq converge for the close-knit, kaleidoscopic release. As the Mazatec tradition goes, the ceremonies elevate the consciousness onto a higher plane, yet can only do so if experienced in complete darkness. The depths of the night are recognised as the most conducive to visionary insights into the obscurities, the mysteries and the perplexities of existence. Perhaps something to experiment with this record, on a dark November night?

Co-founder of Netil Radio as well as the renowned Sunday Club parties, Miro, who hails from old communist Slovakia, has a talent for weaving enchanting narratives into his DJ sets. With a second appearance for AOP, he’s managed to ply similar qualities into the psychedelic atmospherics on ‘From Behind the Corner’. Edging up on you with cinematic suspense, built up with rolling kicks, boundless chemtrail synths and rumbling bass, the immersive qualities make it feel as if you’re embarking on a solitary ascent through the Oaxaca mountain rage.

The Mazatec EP is out November 12th on Animals On Psychedelics – pre-order the vinyl here.

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