The Toulouse-based House Plants Records are back with a third helping of tracks that are anything but domesticated. Cramming in a hefty eight tracks over the two sides of their latest cassette, Monodominical serves up four unpolished, VHS-infected breakbeat cuts built for the warehouse, while the B side is populated by four more straight forward four-to-the-floor, lo-fi heaters from Aryton H.

Carrying forward their milieu of decaying textures, caustic drum work and all round gloomy aesthetics, Monodominical’s ‘Back Stab’ is indicative of the A-side’s plunge into a palette of blurred breaks and groaning textures. When stirred in with the wailing melody it produces an interzone that’s half claustrophobic and half flung into outer space. The breaks also periodically give way to a 4×4 kick, turning this oddity into a workable dancefloor surprise.

Rose et Noir will be out in the next two weeks. Keep an eye on the House Plants Facebook page for further updates.

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