From the hassle-free constructed desk of the Munich-dwelling Public Possession comes a new waxen e-Novella by Berlin-based producer Møzaika. Passing Looks is their second entry in the catalog since 2017’s Aqua EP, following up with a patented fusion of glistening retro-present new age beat, backroom chill out and electronic pop; think Duran Duran á la Berghain and you’re sort of there. We have the pleasure of sharing the B1, ‘Crepuscule’.

Suggestive of its title, the track is as twilight does: the liminal cusp between clarity and the subconscious, of night and day. Crisp percussion and metallic bells jam atop an otherwise sleepy bed of pads and fretless bass, the snappy Phil Collins drum feature to the contemplative John Tesh synth session, if you will. Quite a tune for observing the industry of life from a dusky veranda in near you.

Passing Looks is out now on Public Possession – buy it here.

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