Expanding on psychedelic dance explorations with the parent label, Thomas Lea Clarke, AKA MR TC, is making his debut for Optimo subsidiary, Against Fascism Trax. A five-track affair, it’s an aural pronouncement in-line with the labels core intent from the Glasgow-based producer.

A noisy mid-tempo stomper equipped with neck-snapping bassline and rattling toms, digi-only closer ‘Zeuglodon’ is guaranteed to drive the dancefloor into a frenzied state. Powered by a non 4×4 kick pattern, swung percussion and layers of found sound, the opening two minutes are imbued with understated menace.

We’re treated to a flurry of further interest with delayed toms, overdriven fuzzy rhythmical touches, distorted fragments of blistering noise, reversed crash cymbals and a frantically insistent arpeggiated synth line. In the latter stages you’re facing the eyewall of the storm with no discernible way back, the only option to ride it out to the other side. It’s thrillingly brutal and hypnotic club fodder, taking no prisoners and as such, perfectly suited to a writhing peak-time dancefloor.

The Zeug EP is out May 24th on AF Trax.

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