Rudolf Nordström, AKA Mr. Tophat, moves forward from last year’s A Memoir From The Youth EP with a cosmic and wondrous Pt. 2. The Junkyard Connections owner and Karlovak co-founder has kept himself relatively quiet after a nicely prolific 2016, yet this follow-up 12-inch most certainly delivers on the promise of his previous release for Munich-based label Public Possession. Premiering exclusively here at If-Only is Mr. Tophat’s sprawling, elven-plus minute B-side cut, aptly titled ‘Fin’.

Screeching, transmission-like samples bubble up from the track’s surface immediately, and the complex variety of sounds that emerge as ‘Fin’ progresses lend the whole affair a distinctly psychedelic feel. A warped sample of ‘Drive’ by The Cars – one of many – dissipates as quickly as it appears. Pleasant analogue-sounding electronics eventually lay at the forefront of Mr. Tophat’s sonic landscape, which are once again laden with the complementary bleeps, bloops and generally strange FX which make this song such an intriguing and imaginative curiosity.

A Memoir From The Youth Pt. 2 is out September 11th on Public Possession – pre-order direct from the label here.

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