Cotch International have signed up a prolific artist spearheading an effort to establish a Mozambican sound independent of the pop mainstream. Based out of Maputo, Nandele is the most distinctive and idiosyncratic voice to emerge from the former Portuguese colony’s capital, conjuring his trademark beat tracks and pairing traditional instrumentation with electronic tropes to defy preconceptions.

A recent interview tells of growing up on a diet of afrobeat, reggae, grunge and hip hop, but also addresses how Mozambique’s cultural identity draws from disparate countries thousands of miles apart. This all informs the cross-pollination of styles that is Nandele’s sound. A debut album deconstructed the music of Makonde, the tribe he belongs to, distilling it through a filer of techno and trip hop, where Final Fantasy builds on that to draw on EBM, industrial and in the case of our premiere, even trance. A gem from a long-suffering country that still faces an uncertain future.

The Final Fantasy EP is out October 23rd on Cotch International | Pre-order here

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