Osmos (Movements) is the debut effort from New World Science, a newly-formed “leftfield collective” masterminded by Canadian producer Francis Latreille, AKA PrioriWith assists from R Weng and fellow fourth world enthusiast Ramzi, the fifth Temple Records release transports listeners headfirst into an imagined earthly paradise over four jams recorded by Latreille, fellow NAFF Recordings cohort Ex-Terrestrial and saxophonist Emmanuel Thibau.

A2’s ‘Movement 2’ conjures visions of some mythical utopia of permanent happiness, isolated from the world. A smattering of shrill exotic birds alongside discordant breathy synths, bongos and congas combine with seductive saxophone. The composition builds at a self contained, languid pace, blending acoustic and electronic sounds as the panpipe-esque lead line acts as an enticing clarion call to those not privy to what’s going down.

Brush strokes of simple yet pronounced percussion full of reverb drive everything forward as an insistent acoustic guitar line applies the groove. Balearic dub affectations conjure up images of searing white sands and distant shimmering heat. Before long, Thibau’s brooding saxophone brings the piece to a hazy sunset conclusion. With the combination of old and new, electronic and acoustic, ‘Movement 2’ evokes a harmonious, luscious and faraway land; a mystical shangri-La for the home listener.

Osmos (Movements) is out early March on Temple Records – pre-order the vinyl here

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