With 2020 well under way, we’re certainly not at a loss for intriguing new music to help us process the chaotic proceedings of the real world; for tangible evidence, please direct yourselves to LA-based DJ and composer Nick Malkin and his latest release, A Typical Night in the Pit. Malkin may be familiar to listeners due to his current placement on NTS with the Post-Geography radio show: much like that specific broadcast, ambience and atmospherics are central to this upcoming long-player for Soda Gong.

The languid ‘Through a Rain-Streaked Window’ works nicely as both imaginative soundtracking and a sonic artefact of modern-day Los Angeles. The overall aesthetic conjures scenes taken from the intended scenario; a woozy, noirish interpretation of the City of Angels, which is both fractured and intact in equal measure. Saxophones, hazy samples and evocative pads are just some of the ingredients utilised Malkin uses for a vignette that stays long in the memory.

A Typical Night in the Pitt is out January 17th on Soda Gong – pre-order here

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