Nikolay Kozlov belongs to a loose community of artists operating at the fringes of delineated lines. Blurring boundaries between ambient, dub, and everything in-between, artists connected with the West Mineral Ltd./Experiences Ltd./Motion Ward triumvirate have established a new sonic frontier. The fledgling Russian producer doesn’t look out of place despite his tender age, and his latest effort only goes to solidify a growing reputation.

Enter 20 Segment, a self-released, 7-track suite of smudged electronics and dancefloor-adjacent experimentalism. It sits somewhere between Chain Reaction and Jan Jelinek, an amalgam of techno, ambient and dub abstraction, permeated with field recordings and lashes of reverb.

Fellow Experiences Ltd. alumni Ben Bondy lends his services on our pick. Premiering below, ‘Binary’ exists in a nebulous, spectral realm at the crossroads between ambient and electro-acoustic experimentation.

20 Segment is out October 2nd | Pre-order here

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