Already in rude health, Glaswegian juggernaut Craigie Knowes steamrolled through the early stages of 2018 with assistance from Textasy and Voiron. Staying on course, No Moon follows the hardcore, acid and techno with a three-tracker that’s nothing short of beatific. 

Coming through with some icy cognate electro, a highly charged cosmic emission entitled ‘Mallet Fury’ swirls and chatters, managing to seem at once lithe, tense with agency, yet dreamy and heavy with perfumed sentimentality. Drexciyan horological musings, mapping the distant reaches of parallel megacosms – remembering proper bleep, serotonality, and swathes of Stinsonian machine funk via a deep dive into the Central Processing Unit.

Infinite Dreamz is out soon on Craigie Knowes – pre-order the vinyl here.

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