France has enjoyed a long-standing tradition of punk dating back to its ‘Chaos en France’ scene of the early ’80s. Fast-forward to present day and while Oi!’s agginess has been confined to the annals of history, some do still carry the torch for Gallic punk sensibility in 2020.

Self-proclaimed lover of all things canine and radio, NVST is one such talent. She dresses her debut for Warzou‘s Big Science Records in scuzz while displaying propensity for discord. It captures a vein of experimental, DIY music coming out of France that includes the output of labels like Editions Gravats and BFDM, epitomised by the overdriven, contorted electro and spoken vocals of B3 cut, ‘Naked & Afraid (When The Lust Is Coming Over Mix)’.

Compiled Works 2017​-​2019 is out soon on Big Science Records – pre-order here

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