Tired? Uninspired? Simply out-of-touch with nature and the cosmos at large? We recommend the latest all-natural supplement from the trusty pain-relief pushers at Public Possession. Chill Pill is a multi-pack of tried and true soothsayers, featuring PP stalwarts and newcomers alike. We’ve gone and taken a small dose of it here at If-Only Global HQ.

Obalski‘s ‘Britney’ is a gentle hoot. A subtle harmonic mouthfeel of peaches and cream; a healthful sunburst of ginseng energy without the immediate desire to leave the coop. Set at a driving but casual pace, washes of cloudy synth pad and lead tickle atop organic hand-percussion – it’s safe to say we have ourselves a capsule of pure clarity and relaxation. For those ripe with dreams of Another Green World and passing through the Land of Look Behind full of tranquillity.

Chill Pill is out August 23rd on Public Possession – pre-order here.

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