Releases on Beats of No Nation straddle the massaging and danceable in a way not too dissimilar to the output of esteemed labels Mood Hut and Regelbau. Furnished with pan pipes and serene pads, fuzzy leftfield cuts from Chord Memory Band and Jad & The also draw from new age influences: making vintage synthesisers sing to their bucolic tune, it paved the way for a cameo by rising talent Octo Champ.

Featured on the upcoming Dance Ideas Volume 1 compilation – the first in a new series committed to dancefloor-ready music – ‘Evoo’ evokes a feeling of balmy atmosphere in the same way those as those aforementioned EPs. Full of iridescent synth stabs, cowbell and volleys of super-sharp ride, the erratic arrangement froths with playful eccentricity, striking up a lively dialogue between melody and percussion. For all intents and purposes a funked-out lead around halfway represents the track’s climax, but that infectious energy remains throughout as we settle into the buoyant groove.

Dance Ideas 1 is out February 23rd on Beats of No Nation – pre-order direct from the label.

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