Fresh off the Gost Zvuk production line, Oleg Buyanov, AKA OL, nets a hat-trick with his new record. Perhaps his most standout outing to date, the familiar iridescent, grainy atmospheric textures deeply admired on Buyanov’s previous releases haven’t disappeared. Like his Motion Ward debut, a willingness to experiment with percussive sounds and drum patterns that align closer to his hip hop and dub distances SORM from the house-leaning nature of his very earliest work, and it sounds brilliant.

A gorgeous piece of stripped-back dubtronica, ‘Skepsys’ is screaming to be heard on a decent pair of speakers. Drawing parallels with some of DJ Sotfett’s early dub cuts, the mystifying soundscape requires at least 3 or 4 listens before you can fully absorb its intricacies.

SORM is out May 8th on Gost Zvuk | Pre-order here

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