Presenting an exhilarating, pastoral vision of electronic music, Patrúin, which translates as “patterns,” is a brand new venture out of Ireland. Inaugurating the nascent imprint are six equally fresh-faced producers, serving up a dozen tracks that sees krautrock-leaning ambience bleed into leftfield distillations of house and techno. It’s a brave move to launch your label with a bunch of debutants, but as far as introductions go, this compilation isn’t half bad.

Making no fewer than three contributions across the LP, Oli’s ‘VTSD’ sits at the more raucous end of the spectrum. The opening movements are submerged in a swirling vortex of piercing synth work and immersive sound design; enter the hi-hats, and in and instant, all hell breaks loose. Slamming, overdriven kicks come crashing down in tandem with iridescent chord stabs, driving proceedings forward in a hair-raising symbiosis of synth and drum.

Meryl is out soon on Patrúin.

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