Stirring among a more turbulent excavation of his musical history, Only Now is the experimental alter-ego from Bay Area artist Kush Arora. It’s described as a place where “cyberpunk aesthetics and spacious explorations into cinematic synthesis collide,” and incoming on Discrepant freakbeat sister-label Souk Records, Captivity is testament to this.

Excised from the fibrous connective tissues of the EP is ‘Mutants’, Arora weaves a tapestry of influence from his explorations in punk, black metal, gqom, dancehall and kuduro to punctuate the wandering pulses and membranous clicks of the track’s composition.

Reanimating major transitional shifts in his personal life, armed with fresh hardware and wandering field recordings, Arora breathes biomechatronic versatility and corporeal rhythmic syncopation into the fabric his production. Guttural steam vent exhalations balm tortured cartilaginous pops throughout the chaptered odyssey of shuddering sinuous symphony and unrelenting sheet metal breakbeats.

Captivity is out October 11th on Souk Records – pre-order here.

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