Vital energy in lightspeed shooting through the domesmoke of Oslo, UTE.REC data scientist Oprofessionell straps up four charges of speedy lysergic power that hit direct to the pineal gland – four tracks of hard throb and dayglo laced with euro breaks and strut. We’ve got fresh stock in our premiere, a long party thread called ‘Elektrisk’ which bobs hard with extra weight.

Tense kicks ring off deep from the chasm edged with fizzing neon. The drone churns like ancestral memory, written deep in our bones and lasting forever. It’s ceremonial lunar madness, focused in a power shot without knowledge. The acid wrinkles flick and blink, and lighter touched with a dry rasp like water on thin digital glass. It’s high charged, and the ticking up and flecking out a kind of cheeky funk over it. We dive deeper further down the fractal chasm, notice the longing present. It’s a big excursion and we surge, back to behind.

UTE003 is out February 7th on UTE.REC – pre-order here

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