There are few better suited to the call of Music For Dreams‘ ‘Serious Collectors Series’ than DJ soFa. In recent years, the dust-thumbed digger’s sought after Elsewhere compilations have caught the attention of Kalahari Oyster Cult’s Rey Colino as well as the stone-cold heads at Brussels’ Crevette Records. And yet, even by those kaleidoscopic standards, soFa’s latest offering finds the Belgian selector washed up on strange shores indeed.

Picking up the mantle in a series that includes Jan Schulte’s sweltering Tropical Drums of Deutschland and Basso’s lockbox of rare Balaeric, Proper Sunburn, Elsewhere Junior I is a double LP of twisted children’s songs that no other DJ could possibly have put together without it feeling like a hackneyed gimmick.

Nestled among the madness, the aptly named Oslo Karamell – Norwegian producer Centre of the Universe plus an accompanying ensemble of children – pulls through with today’s premiere. ‘Kvirrevitt’ gravitates around a tripped-out downtempo, new-age synth progression that drips just enough sun-soaked melody on its poly-meter beat to get even the most churlish four-to-the-floor fans rubbernecking at the tracks’ intoxicating atmospheres. It’s testament to the tune’s careful build that you barely notice the hypnotic child’s voice confidently chanting into the void, drawing you ever deeper into a deep state of stasis.

Elsewhere Junior I : A Collection of Cosmic Children’s Songs is out now on Music For Dreams – buy it here

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