Like the slew of labels he oversees, dub, industrial, techno, punk and noise infiltrate the music of Dan Davies, AKA Ossia, and while comparisons to other contemporary artists are there to be drawn – Jay Glass Dubs, Parris and Raime immediately spring to mind – he strikes quite a singular figure. For one, Davies always felt the allure of genres and scenes unafraid to defy convention and break the rules. The way dub musicians like King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry re-appropriated musical equipment, namely spring reverb, for their own diabolical intentions always fascinated the Bristolian – along with sirens and delay pedals, it forms an integral part of his live setup.

From the dub abstractions of debut album Devil’s Dance, to the closing gambit on his upcoming release, it doesn’t take a genius to realise those same aesthetics and techniques are central to the Ossia sound. ‘Hack Dub’ epitomises this in unapologetically militant fashion. Bringing part-three of Berceuse Heroique‘s “ode to sound system culture” to a close, the nerve-jangling FX wouldn’t sound out of place in James Stinson and Gerald Donald’s imagined Drexciyan waterworld.

The Marzahn Versions is out soon on Berceuse Heroique – pre-order here

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