Sweat Equity is the sixth label Overland‘s released with thus far, but perhaps the most fittingly named. The weight of her kicks alone are enough to moisten brows of even the most seasoned techno fans. At full throttle, no epidermal nook or cranny found on your body could escape the oppressive humidity of her sound.

‘Doubtful’ from the Void Function EP crunches into life before burying the listener with an all-encompassing 140 BPM sub-pump. It all kicks off before you can even contemplate the un-trendiness of its unadulterated Berghain-main-room style. When you consider the context in which she works (a Vancouver scene where the intelligent breaks/house/trance crossover of D.Tiff, Roza Terenzi, Priori and Ex-Terrestrial reign supreme), Overland is a considerable outlier. Though they all have heavier moments, it seems she is the one producer in the new North American frontier committed to ecstatic, dripping dancefloor de(con)struction in the European techno tradition.

In joining “NYC’s Most Extreme Record Label” (be that an ironic self-appraisal or not), and armed with the extreme heat of her sound, Overland represents a faction of the electronic music scene putting pressure on its more comfortable counterparts to be faster, heavier and scarier – especially in uncomfortable times.

Void Function is out June 19th on Sweat Equity | Pre-order here

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