Compared to label mate Suzanne Kraft, P & D Records co-founder P Relief has somewhat flown under the radar. Beyond a killer contribution to the Fett Burger-curated Trushmix series and some self-released material, the Berlin-based producer has favoured quality over quantity and the impending six-tracker is his finest work to date.

Rather than the idyllic Californian setting referenced in the notes, Idlehour sounds as if it was made in some aqueous 16-bit environment, possibly Ecco the Dolphin or the secret underwater level on Super Mario Bros. Furnished with leftfield excursions into house, ambient and downtempo, it really feels like a producer growing in confidence and exercising his creative freedom. More nuanced and textured than his material on the label’s inaugural release, P Relief’s quirks and playful sensibility beam throughout, displaying idiosyncrasies that are seemingly becoming his hallmark.

We find the EP at its most animated on ‘Club Fever’, an effervescent slow-burn accelerating through the gears layer-by-layer until its heady crescendo. Elsewhere on the EP, the percussion is understated, part of the supporting cast, but here, it ushers us through the motions, growing in intensity with the introduction of those undulating pads, radiant chimes and electrified arpeggios.

Idlehour is out November 5th on P & D Records – pre-order direct from the label.

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