Udacha‘s penchant for eclectic sound design and balearic imagery, now utterly synonymous with their output, rings true once more as Vasily Stepanov of cassette demagnetising duo SAD returns to the ethereal and profound Russian imprint. Assuming his P-SH alias for the label’s first release of 2018, Beyond The Wave Image & Synthetic Terrain sounds as if it were forged in another dimension, dragged along the event horizon of a black hole and eventually left to cool in the Arctic Ocean. Layering sprinklings of psychedelia, abstract house, offbeat playfulness and jazzy keys, it forms a dreamy statement of the producer’s design prowess.

We settled on A2 as a favourite; the evocative and well-named ‘Yellow Bird Singing’. Off-kilter yet delicate drums populate the background, whilst chiptune-centric elements combine to offer a woozy but soothing rhythm akin to the conversations of sparrows in a hedgerow. Sparse synth stabs dissipate like teardrops, acting like a swell propagating through the indulgent cacophony, allowing for an ambient aesthetic to emblazon the track. Somewhat parodical, undoubtedly magical, Stepanov’s work will push you willingly down his allegorical rabbit hole of beat manifestation.

Beyond The Wave Image & Synthetic Terrain is out December 17th on Udacha – pre-order the vinyl here.

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