With a couple of 12″s already under their belt this year, French act PALMA now find themselves delivering the third instalment in their PALTRX series. The latest batch of tracks apparently came into fruition after some jam sessions recorded last spring in Lyon, meaning the Slapstick title is playfully apt.

Here we have an exclusive on the titular A2 cut, and it’s a shining example of some wonderful, 90s-influenced power house. Taking a raucous approach, ‘Slapstick’ is in full motion right from the get-go: its functional speed-driven rhythm is adorned with some modulating percussion and laser-like synths to stimulate listeners from all angles. There’s a momentary reprieve about halfway through, just before all is resumed and the disorientating yet entirely enjoyable stream of sounds carries us alongside to its natural conclusion.

Very much representing the improvisational attitude of the third PALMA release, ‘Slapstick’ sure is enough to whet our appetites for the upcoming EP as a whole.

Slapstick is out November 11th on Palma Music – pre-order direct from the label.

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