As unconventional cover versions go, you wouldn’t expect to find a rendition of some smooth ’80s R&B on a label named after a science fiction film, especially one by David Cronenberg. But on Crimes of the Future, a label that’s been carving out a niche for itself with music often resembling the experiments of a diabolical mad scientist, it doesn’t seem quite as unusual. Finding its way onto a debut for the Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay-helmed imprint, Paradise Box completes his release with a reinterpretation of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill A Deal with God’ and a pair of original productions.

A far cry from Black Merlin’s basement-dwelling productions or the horror-influenced darkwave of Vercetti Technicolour, the Hookup EP is equally weighted between balmy tropical house and the Melbourne-based producer’s idiosyncratic cover versions. Serving up a hi-NRG flavoured rendition of James Ingram’s ‘Ya Mo Be There’, Paradise Box repurposes some of the original elements, putting the synth and bass lines on a strong course of anabolic steroids for added propulsion.

The Hookup EP is out now on Crimes of the Future – buy the vinyl here.

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