The latest saltwater pearl to be cured from the Akoya Oyster is the young Swiss-Serbian talent, Parco Palaz. Unleashed on the Akoya Circles label headed by Zürich-based producer Look Like, Palaz’s Motorsport EP is the first record to be released on the label not to come from the label founder himself.

A lustrous, well rounded, and textured release, the three tracks serve as an exciting and unconventional introduction to the fledgling artist. Ranging from acidic pumpers to ambient soft notes with a psychedelic jungliest tinge reminiscent to early Aphex, it marks him as one to watch for sure. The lead track ‘Motorsport’ awakens a beast of the depths – mesmeric drone sounds, cave-like drips and distant echoes drift over unusual drum patterns, continuing to swell and stumble around the acidic shallows. A disorientating exercise in off-kilter electronics and rhythmic ingenuity.

Motorsport is out September 21st on Akoya Circles – pre-order direct from the label.

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