Land Of Dance Records are looking to celebrate their momentous tenth release in style, with a genre-spanning new album due for release on 13 February. The forthcoming compilation, titled This Is Land Of Dance, will see the experimental label gather together 15 tracks from a wide range of artists, including music from Seldom Seen (AKA Santiago Salazar), Drvg Cvltvre and Jared Wilson, among many others.

With its pitch-shifting bass and authoritatively snapping rhythm, Passenger‘s ‘Spacessey’ is filled with hybrid musical touches and enjoyable flourishes of electronic manipulation: the galactic keys and harmonious synth work prove to be crucial in terms of the track’s melodic substance, and its expertly crafted song structure is both succinct and addictive when listened to as a whole. With the new Land Of Dance collection promising to evolve from “ambient to jazz to house to techno” throughout its upcoming tracklist, ‘Spacessey’ looks to be a more than suitable example of this devotion to diversity.

This is Land Of Dance is out February 13th on Land Of Dance Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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