Every encounter with Pataphysical is, in some way, an exercise in the malleability of perception. The London-based experimentalists are best known for their live shows: sometimes intimate, often curious, and always compelling; they weave sound with inimitable intensity. Out by way of Glaswegian collective 12th Isle, Periphera is a transmutation of that immersive experience. One that doesn’t seek to emulate the live performance, but over the course of 8 tracks, evokes that same formless intent in a rhizomatic exploration of ambient.

‘Energen’ is an irresistible drift. A low frequency dragnet of crestless waves and radar sweeps, it’s a massively captivating, imbibed with a certain void-facing modality. The tune toys with our concept of distance – it is at once remote and eternal, yet pressing and imminent. It closes out the record but isn’t so much a finisher to Pataphysical’s first album proper as it is a leveller, one that trickles down into the spaces between the seemingly disparate soundscapes of the previous tracks. Ceaselessly building connections it seeks equilibrium, and there, establishes smooth space.

Periphera is out June 16th on 12th Isle – pre-order here.

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