Pavel Milyakov, otherwise known as Buttechno, returns under his own name with another piece that swirls through the experimental ambient pool.

Odessia is released by way of Muscut and is his second with this label since the 2016 release Neumond. With a focus on digging up and cutting open music’s past and present forms, Muscut is an output that focuses on hauntology. This philosophical concept, coined by Derrida, explores the ghostly persistence of the past. With that in mind, Pavel draws on sonic spectral exploration in these productions, dedicated to Ukranian city Odesa.

An EP best heard from start to finish, Milyakov composes a deeply emotional landscape and narrative as he plays with the weight and weightlessness of sound. Odessia certainly has some dark watery corners, layered with elements of melodic bright fog. It’s contemplative and intuitive, conjuring a surreal symbolic setting akin to Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis‘ accompanying artwork. Lingering in timespan, Pavel tells a story of a human world that you can feel and almost see as you walk along. Dubbed out at moments and caught in an ethereal dream, Odessia is a nonlinear hypnotic trip that pulls you through the dark.

Odessia is out now on Muscut | Pre-order here

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