Although ambient music and Australia are hardly synonymous, those knowledgable in that field have taken strides to make it so. Where a Sanpo Disco-curated compilation and Sam Mallet retrospective left off, ju ca‘s Daisart label is doing its part in carrying the torch for soothing sonics of Antipodean origin. Enter Wound Without A Tear, a compilation gathering 15 years’ worth of music defined by post-rave excesses of the chill-out room.

Spanning 14 tracks, we turn our attention to the handiwork of Pelican Daughters, AKA Justin BrandisAnthony Maher and prolific Australian experimentalist, Andy Rantzen. An intimate and elemental ambient meditation, the weaving of ethereal loops manifests ‘Aurascape’s transcendental nature as a means of exploring spiritual and mental inner space.

Wound Without A Tear is out November 13th on Daisart | Pre-order here

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