Recently invited to play Jaded’s famed Sunday morning parties, it’s only fitting that the latest Sprung Records release sounds like it was built for the after-hours. Guiding you through a mist of muggy textures and burly percussion that belies their brittle, dusty appearance, these tracks are warm and inviting, but potent enough to keep even the weariest of dancefloors moving. Pépe‘s debut has a destination in mind, but it’s in no rush to get there. In fact, it’s the languid nature of the B2 contribution that we find so endearing.

Whether a smoke-filled, beer can infested living room or dancefloor during the early hours, ‘The Old Shipyard’ feels right at home. The tinkling melodies serve as spotlights, cutting through the fog of murky rhythms, and like a warm embrace, the compressed pads paint the track in dense, oversaturated colour.

SPRUNG012 is out on March 14th digitally and on limited edition teal-coloured tape – Pre-order direct from the label.

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