Liam Robertson, who goes by the memorable moniker of Perth Drug Legend when putting out his unique brand of addictive rhythms, is on call to deliver the latest 12″ for Glasgow’s West End Communications.  The Tunes Fae A Teuchter EP will prove to be PDL’s second batch of material for the Scottish imprint, which so very clearly prides itself on committing to wax the finest local material that Glesga has to offer. ‘Moshers Monument (7 Acres Dub)’ is the excellent closing track to this vinyl only affair: our exclusive premiere below should most certainly be enough to whet one’s appetite.

This is a captivating slice of bubbling techno that swells in size to an immaculately realised, full-on jam. Thunderous stabs precipitate Perth Drug Legend’s gear shift into gloriously infectious territory, with various elements – such as dubbed out vocals, rapid percussion and a seismic breakdown – being brought into the fold so as to embellish the track’s already weighty sense of atmosphere.

Tunes Fae a Teuchter is out soon on West End Communications – keep an eye on the label’s Facebook page for further updates.

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