Thailand has undergone a staggering 13 military coups d’états since 1932, and the fight is far from over. Censorship laws and oppressive assaults on individual freedoms have left the Southeast Asian country in a state of tribulation. The pursuit of democracy has been thorny, but Bangkok-based producer and visual artist Pisitakun attempts to open a dialogue about his native country with Absolute C.O.U.P.. Playful on first impressions, it becomes apparent he’s mounting a serious challenge to the nation’s woes once you scratch beneath the surface.

With this aptly-titled release, Pisitakun ensures the music and political message make their way on to a platform well poised to open conversations on such matters in Chinabot. In its sporadic entirety, he exploits these political and social issues via sample-based creativity using Thai pop songs and speeches from wealthy generals, as well a distorted take on the Thai royal anthem.

With plenty of delirium flowing into the cortex, Indonesian gabber-demigods Gabber Modus Operandi blow the drums off with their astonishing reworked version of ‘ReReLilLiGion’. In typical GMO fashion, it’s an overdriven anthem for the perfect pagan rave workout. Without wandering too far from the original, GMO explore the original elements while planting enough freshness to cast spells on the ear.

Absolute C​.​O​.​U​.​P. is out July 29th on Chinabot | Pre-order here

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