For the last two-and-a-bit years Melbourne’s Power Station have been repping the city’s wonky, wavey and weird underside with releases by Disrute and label co-founder Kris Baha, but Piska Power’s Landung EP continues the label’s trip overseas to (where else?) Berlin. For his debut release on Power Station, Piska Power – otherwise known as Stefan Junge, Med student by day – has found a fitting home: the label’s overarching sound evokes many things (industrial, minimal wave, Balearica, Italo, Krautrock, electro), whilst being something else entirely – or perhaps all those things at once? Whatever the secret formula is, he fits right in.

B1’s ‘Umgehung’ is a headfuck in the best possible way, like the moments Tangerine Dream peak on Rubycon filtered through weed paranoia and K-fuelled disorientation, arpeggios bashing your brain cells like your head’s a pinball machine. Somehow Piska Power has produced a tune pitched halfway between claustrophobia and mind expansion. However he did it, it’s good. Forget the Melbourne/Peckham connection, Melbourne/Berlin has some far freakier goods to offer.

Landung is out soon on Power Station – pre-order direct from the label.

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