Groove takes on an earthy tone in Pletnev‘s music while the melodies are positively strange, even bordering on psychedelic. These qualities pervade all of his material, whether it’s re-edits on Bahnsteig23 or original productions on Meda Fury, Le Temps Perdu and now, SZE. Taken from that impending release, opening cut ‘Her Cruel Smile’ is arguably the most fully realised distillation of his globe-trotting blueprint to date.

Dense and humid, a chirruping synth almost resembles the sound of an exotic bird, the introduction of rolling hand drums brimming with vitality primed to urge dancers forward. Kept on a gentle simmer for the first half, the track does eventually threaten to work itself into frenzy but the ebb and flow of acid line, percussion and additional electronics ensures it reaches its apex without ever boiling over.

The Thrown Furniture EP is out January 19th on SZE – pre-order direct from the label.

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