Pontiac Streator runs the ambient bath just right for Motion Ward. Eardrums fully submerged, delicately woven loops spread across a constantly shifting landscape.

Triz feels warmer and more optimistic than earlier releases; deceivingly sanguine, the album still finds plenty of synergy with that overarching West Mineral/Experiences Ltd./Motion Ward aesthetic. Multi-layered brilliance straight out of the close-kit ‘scene’ that gave you such classics as Ghostride The Drift, uon’s self-titled debut and Ulla Straus’ Tumbling Towards a Wallwith all digital proceeds from July earmarked for donation to the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective.

‘Stuck In A Cave’ closes proceedings with a gentle soak. Smudge-ambient suspended in a permanent state of evaporation, the sounds evocative of running water and drifting vapour coalesce over its 6-minute duration.

Triz is out now on Motion Ward | Buy it here

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