It’s unsurprising that the best dancefloor futurism of Mexican origin typically draws from traditional Latin American music. OMAAR’s percussive melting pot to the gabber mutations of El Irreal Veintiuno, both Amazondotcom and Siete Catorce’s Subreal label and the Gaika-helmed NAAFI imprint have long carried the flag, but other labels have also weighed in with notable additions.

Following the release of Apulati Bien’s sweltering dembow – which just so happened to feature the vocal stylings of Mexico’s Vica Pacheco – Promesses, it seems, is one such label. Recent events also include Pacheco gracing their 30-track compilation, but today we turn attention to the handiwork of Ragazza XXI.

The France-based, Mexican-born producer approaches hybridity with a no-stone-unturned scope. Exploring polyrhythms and syncopation from a non-Eurocentric perspective, his distinctive brand cherry-picks elements of genres like tribal guarachero, cumbia, baile funk, kuduro and tarraxo to captivating effect. The insistent, day-glo dembow of ‘Cantos laboreños’ is a case in point.

La Flor de Jimulco is out May 7th on Promesses | Pre-order here

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