“An untitled tale of feminism, broken hearts and futurism,” the latest release on Common Thread Records picks up right where Identified Patient left off with The Female Medical College Of Pennsylvania in 2016. Cut from a different cloth to the progressive electronics and vivid EBM of the Rotterdam label’s earlier releases, the A-side’s claustrophobic constructions are fraught with tension and dread.

Opening proceedings, Identified Patient returns to the label with vocal support from Sophie du Palais, but our premiere today is the followup, courtesy of BAKK and RUBBER co-owner Randstad. Awash with abrasive EBM influences, ‘Ultra’ kicks off with a barrage of clattering percussion and screeching feedback. Forming viscous puddles of noxious sludge, an overdriven, ill-tempered bassline quickly takes centre stage. It isn’t until around the halfway mark that an eerie synth line ghosts in ominously, conjured from the far-off dystopian future that Randstad inhabits.

COMMONTHREAD07 is out November 10th on Common Thread – pre-order direct from the label.

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