The delicate linens of  Ville Nouvelle slowly ripple in the warm breeze. Their Music For Five Postcards is airy and warm, tanned with an International Feel – an island on which Padilla, Barrot, and Leise roam, exploring baked, chalky beaches and extravagant Ibizan villas. Perhaps Muller-esque; not quite humid but heading that way. Extraordinary scenes as a surprise Goa-acid sunrise breaks over the new Balearic terrace party (S/O River Yarra, it’s massive).

We’re calmed by Regularfantasy’s ‘Queen (962 Cardero Mix 1.6)’. Swelling sustained keys breathily murmur, like a restless VR sea; peals of seagulls and a coral coloured panpipe synth; dial-up bleeps and routed through a PPU keytar; the strict pops of the 909 and bassline tighten up the mood, whilst the vocals sweet-talk us back towards the Cafe Del Mar.

Ville Nouveau also has a fascination with graphic design, this release continuing to explore it with French artist Alexis Jamet creating five postcards which draw inspiration from each of the tracks.

Music for Five Post Cards is out July 6th on Ville Nouvelle – pre-order direct from the label.

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