In an age of virtual parties and livestream DJ sets, Cyberspeak harness the new normal for a progressive good. Reprogramming Identity 2 invites 13 artists to explore the potential of transmutation and new sonic territories while world events highlight the underlying fragility of our existence. Unfettered, angular electronics engineered for the post-rave era, set for release through the medium of VR rave.

Contributions from breakcore veterans Somatic Responses and Neil Landstrumm under his Shit & Cheap alias feature, but sights are locked on Algorave mainstay and live code originator, Renick Bell. Sporting an assist from Cyberspeak co-founder Grienkho, Bell’s fearless, fiercely avant-garde brand of club deconstruction brings the braindance, and with it, an unrelenting onslaught of sonic stimuli.

Reprogramming Identity 2 is out May 30th on Cyberspeak | Pre-order here

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